The Zapper – Detoxing, Cleansing, Grounding & Much More

I’ve been using a zapper now for some time. A zapper is an amazing detoxifying, cleansing and grounding tool that’s used to better health and I wouldn’t go anywhere without mine now.

The zapper was invented by Dr Hulda Clark, a Physiologist who used the zapper to heal a wide variety of conditions.
A zapper emits small electrical pulses through the body, to break down the resistance of the skin. You can either hold the rods or place the box with the electrodes on the skin (depending on what sort of zapper you have) for at least 30 minutes, building up to around an hour, three times a day. The negative electrical current produced by the zapper has the following benefits:

1. It draws toxins from the zapped area, out of the body. It also removes heavy metals.
2. It’s grounding / earthing as it produces a negative current – similar to the negative current produced by our bodies and the planet.
3. It kills parasites, bad bacteria, viruses (including things like herpes) and fungus from the zapped area within just a few minutes (hence why you should move the zapper around the body each time you use it, to ensure all areas are treated).
4. It will take the sting out of mosquito and other insect bites, removing the allergic reaction and allowing it to heal quickly.
5. It can be used to reduce inflammation, calcification and help with pain in the body.

Many different zappers are now available to buy, although they are not all the same, and their effectiveness varies. Some are a fairly simple boxes (like my one in the picture) that you wear next to your skin. And then there are others where you hold onto two rods and the current runs through you this way. It is also apparently fairly easy to make your own zapper and you can find instructions on how to do this online and on Dr Clarks website.

Have you used a zapper? If so have you found it helpful?

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