Living Simply…

Once upon a time I thought I had to be more, do more, achieve more, have more and look and behave a certain way to be happy.  In fact this made me desperately unhappy and unhealthy.  After many years of ill health, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, Chronic Pain, Depression and Anxiety I became well again, not only that but happy again.

What I have come to realise is the society itself is ill and we are all busily trying to fit into it.  And, during this we make ourselves ill.  When we step away from what society expects of us and towards a more traditional, simpler, more natural and connected life again we heal.  

When we stop trying to be it all and have it all we realise all that we need is actually right here in front of us.  

I believe that with the right fuel (thoughts and food) we can recover from almost anything.   

Since recovering from my health challenges I have moved to rural central Portugal to live off-grid, from the land, in the most natural and traditional way I can on Gods green earth.  In fact I believe this is not only the healthiest way we can live for ourselves but also for this planet.  Having small farms with create a full cycle of food for us and the animals, compost from us and the animals for the garden and then food for us again is the most eco way to live.  

This is not only living the dream, but creating a more sustainable way for us humans and animals alike to live on this planet.


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