We live in a crazy-ass World!

One full of wanting to be more, have more and do/achieve more, full of lack, drama, consumption, illness, dis-ease and disconnection.  Everyone is distracting themselves from how they really feel and pretty much everyone is ill.  Although this has become normal it’s not how we humans are meant to live. 

But, because of how we humans are living when we realise we are full of disease or dis-ease then we try to ‘fix’ it will pills, potions, lotions, crazy diets, programs and basically the same energy that got us into this pickle in the first place… pushy, needy, complicated and lacking and more disconnection.   

After a life-time of mental and physical ill health and in my constant search to ‘fix’ myself I’ve come to realise that it’s not about being more, doing more and achieving more,  but instead permanent health and happiness comes from less.

We have become a species of disconnection and we seem to have no idea how this impacts our health and happiness, and that of our communities and this planet.  When we start to connect back to our body, food, land and each other we really do start to heal, from our nervous system up.  

If you want to read more about what I do and a little of my own story then check out my coaching page and you can even book a free 15 min discovery call too, Faith xx   



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