I’m a fermenter, but also a forager, frugalist and a folk medicine practitioner, as I use simple, nourishing and traditional paths to health. 

I draw on my trainings in Herbalism, Nutrition (holistic and sports), Shamanism, Flower Essences, Emotional Freedom (tapping technique and body work), Reflexology, Meditation and Yoga.  

I believe illnesses and challenges in general are our allies for wholeness and rather than a thing to be fixed are a symptom of something much deeper out of balance.  Things are generally rather simple once we remember this. 


The way we live our lives right now is not sustainable, we take more than we give from our bodies, communities and planet and then we wonder why we all feel ill.  All the years of CFS/ME, IBS, severe depression and eating disorders helped me understand how to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life no matter the circumstances.  I am deeply blessed for the years of pain, as they freed me from the prison of my own creation and showed me how to live again.  

I learnt that letting go in the end meant having more!  More health, happiness, time and a life that feels so abundant. 

I am extremely passionate about fermenting, foraging and farming (on my smallholding), I’m a foodie, frugalist and hiker and feminine, not feminist.  

Get in touch if you’ve had enough and want some help finding your way through too, Faith xx



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