Fermental – The Art of & Obsession with Fermented Foods & Drinks

As we begin to realise the way we live our lives are not sustainable for ourselves, our communities, or our planet I feel us being called back to simpler, more nourishing, and traditional ways of living.  Fermenting encompasses all this.  It’s a way to use up food that may go to waste, to not only preserve it for long periods of time, but to increase its nutritional value and to grow your own probiotics.  This in turn supports the health of our digestive, immune, and hormonal systems, as well as improving mood, memory, and energy levels (as well as a whole host of other benefits).

There is slowness, a purposefulness, and a deeper connection to our food, where it comes from and what it does to us that grows as the probiotics on these foods and drinks grow too.  As you delve into the World of fermenting you can’t help but lose yourself in the possibilities, the experiments, and the all-round benefits.  It is my hope that the recipes and other information within the pages of this book awaken your own obsession with the art of fermenting.  

I’m no Doctor and I’m not telling you this book or it’s contents will ‘fix’ you. What I am saying is this books contents may assist you in living a less conflicted life, one where you hang out more frequently in a place that your body can heal itself. It may also open you up to the teachings of this intense illness and allow you to start to feel freedom from your thoughts and the cage many of us live in day to day. All illness or trauma can either add to our already heavy load we carry or they can be the catalyst for change and a freer future. I know which one I choose!

The 2nd edition of Living a Life Less Toxic is has all the information as the 1st edition (see details at the bottom of the page).  But, with more recipes (food, cosmetic and cleaning products), some extra chapters (including how being less toxic can become toxic) and some simplified techniques (like tapping/EFT).  

This book focuses on a whole life approach to being less toxic, in mind, body and environment. 

Do you find it hard to make healthy choices for yourself, or to stick to the ones you do make? Do you know you should eat better, move around more, and make more time for yourself – but you never do? Do things feel like a struggle, and you are tired of fighting yourself and your life?

Nothing has to change for you to become happier with where you are, other than you stop fighting yourself and your life. No new job, relationship, or home will do this for you; these only offer temporary, borrowed love, joy, and fulfillment. The only way to attain health and happiness permanently on every level is to nurture it from within. What happens then is that our outer environment follows suit!

Cleanse – The Holistic Detox Program for Mind, Body and Soul. In this powerful holistic detox program for mind, body and soul, Faith shares simple techniques for creating a healthier, happier and more harmonious way of being.  This program gives you the tools to cleanse your life on every level.

Having lived this program herself and recovered from many different health ailments Faith understands the importance of supporting mind, body and soul side-by-side when embarking on any sort of detox.  This is the sustainable way to make long term changes in life.

Living a Life Less Toxic is about reducing the toxic load of our mind, body and environment, without reducing our bank balance or our quality of life. This cheap, easy and practical approach to reducing toxins from every level of our life is a clear cut way to a happier and healthier future for us all.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Fed up of feeling under the weather? Does life feel like a struggle? Or maybe you’re just concerned about the toxins you’re subjected to each and every day, for your own health and that of our beautiful planet. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be this way and you’re in the right place to make a change!


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