I suffered from my teens until way into my thirties with chronic IBS/food intolerances/bloating/poor absorption.  I got to the point where I had a very, very limited amount of foods and drinks I could consume without being extremely ill.   I had tried every conventional over the years and nothing worked, or if it did it only worked short-term.

Eventually I got tested actually (as I had been tested before) for many food intolerances and deficiencies and as long as I stayed away from these foods my IBS stayed away.  It was such a wonderful feeling after all these years that I trained to become a nutritional specialist and food intolerance tester myself.

However, this wasn’t enough for me, I knew there must I had such bad digestive health and as such a way to address it.  And, there was!  With a combination of fermented foods and drinks, doing a yeast and parasite cleanse (which my second book, Cleanse takes you through a full program of) and realising that my chronic overthinking (and thus nervous system response) was interfering with my digestive system, I said bye, bye to all my symptoms.

To assist you on your own digestive health journey I have the following resources…

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