Trauma, Tension & Nervous System Regulation eBook.

After a lifetime of dysregulation, chronic illness, intense pain and body and life hating I finally found the ‘magic pill’ and that was to start regulating my nervous system, finding pockets of safety in my day and allowing my body and mind to start to release the tension and trauma it has been holding onto all these years to keep me safe.  



We often blame our body for causing us so much pain and so many problems, but it’s really always trying to protect us, it’s just we don’t understand the language it’s using anymore, but we can, we can learn to listen again ad thus to heal.

In this eBook I explain what causing many of our ‘problems’ and how such small and simple things can help us feel whole again.

For just £5.00 you’ll get over 5000 words of guidance to assist you in regulating and releasing too.  

In this ‘how-to’ guide to raising happy and healthy chickens I share about what’s important when it comes to chicken coops, how to have chickens on the cheap (yet still very happy and healthy), what feed to grow and worms to raise for them, how to prevent parasites and diseases and also how to treat them if they get them, what to consider if you are thinking about chicks and how chickens help the health of your garden and of course you.  The cost of this eBook is £5.00  


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