Here you’ll find a selection of online and in-person events ranging from fermenting and breathwork workshops to retreats.  You can also have something tailormade for you and your individual or group needs.  

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Online Kombucha Workshop

Learn not only how and why we should all be fermenting, but a bit more in-depth about Kombucha itself.  

  • Where it comes from
  • How to ferment Kombucha
  • How to make it healthier
  • How it becomes unhealthy
  • How to reuse Kombucha that’s ‘gone to far’
  • How it’s almost impossible to kill it off
  • What to do with all the extra Scobys / how it can become a vital part of your first-aid kit

Happening Tuesday 5th July 15.00 (UK time), with a £5.00 investment.  

A recording of this workshop will be sent to your email address from your PayPal account payment within 24hrs of it happening. 

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