How to save money whilst healing…

Instead of buying tons of expensive supplements focus on healing the digestive system instead (then you’ll get what you need from your food)

Instead of signing up to another program, coach, or course focus on regulating your nervous system

Watch and read any free recovery stories from anything (not just your illness) that you can find online.  The inspiration you gain from these will far out weight hours of researching your illness online

Understand another fad diet or superfood won’t ‘fix’ you so you can save yourself the time and money

Having less toxins in your home can be cheaper than the toxic stuff from the supermarkets.  Think vinegar, bi-carb, fruits and essential oils as cleaners and disinfectants

Eating fermented foods does not have to be expensive.   You (or pay a friend) can make up a large batch of sauerkraut (for instance) in one go that will last over a year if kept in a cool place

There are soooo many free resources online you can search for, almost everyone that has a paid offering online offers freebies too (you can find mine in my bio) and are totally fine with you just doing that bit –  you don’t have to sign up for more!

Side note – most paid offerings are fairly similar anyway, they mostly all focus on detoxing mind, body and home and regulating the nervous system (just all with slightly different tools)

Nature is one of our greatest healers.  It’s helps with mental and spiritual health, plus will defuse things like electromagnetic stress – which is making everyone symptoms much worse.

Listen to your own body instead of everyone else’s opinion (including myself) of your health and what you should do about it.  Your body really is your compass (and it’s free)



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