On 7th September 2016 I started the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage from St Jean Pied-De-Port in France, walking for 24 days and 500 miles across Spain to Santiago De Compostela.

This incredible journey allowed me to find pieces of myself I hadn’t even realised I’d lost! It showed me how mentally and physically strong I really am and how the more me / real i am, the more real and like-minded people I attracted into my daily life.

I feel truly blessed for each and every experience, person and place along The Way and my heart is full to overflowing with a huge amount of love for them all! Life really is an incredible journey, when we get out of our own way!

For all those that are interested, this is my mini log of the journey (full book to follow next year)…

All distances are approximations, as each book / guide differs slightly with it’s distances and it was also dependent on how many times I got lost and / or took alternative / prettier route options! ;0)

Day 1 – St Jean Pied De Port – Roncesvalles 15.6 miles / 25.1 km over the Pyrenees
Totally stunning day in every way! Hard, but sooo rewarding! Made friends with some lovely chaps from UK, Germany and USA as well! Happy Faith

Day 2 – oncesvalles – Zabaldica 21.2 miles / 34 km
Beautiful people, stunning scenery and lots of laughs. Today i walked with two Brits, two Americans and a German! We manifested water, rain, showers, food and walked much further than i planned but i felt strong so carried on. Happy Days!

Day 3 – Zabaldica – Uterga – 15.5 miles / 25 km
Feeling Alive! Awesome walking day, funny tails exchanged whilst walking through stunning Spanish countryside with 3 Brits and 1 American today. Perfect day!

Day 4 – Uterga – Estella – 18.1 miles / 29 km
Rocking the Camino terminator look today (black shorts and vest with reflective sunnies) whilst enjoying the views, conversation, weather, paddling (in rivers), picnics and an ice-lollies! Starting the day with the free pilgrims wine fountain tomorrow… this could get interesting!

Day 5 – Estella – Torres del Rio – 17.4 miles / 28 km
Hot, hot, hot today, but beautiful colours and views in all directions of this stunning country! There is something quite spectacular about Spain!

Day 6 – Torres del Rio – Navarette – 21.1 / 34.1 km
Walking at 5.00am to avoid the hottest part of the day later on, but also accompanied by a chorus of the night of the Spanish countryside. Glad a wasn’t alone! ;0)

Day 7 -Navarette – Ciruena – 19.8 miles / 31.9 km
Smashed through the 200 km mark earlier today! How did that happen already? Started the day with thunderstorms but that made for a much cooler and more barable walking temperature. Feeling much stronger mentally and physically with every new day. The ideas are flowing, as it the water every time I find a river to dip my feet in!

Day 8 – Ciruena – Belorado – 17.3 miles / 27.8 km
Much cooler today, with frost on the ground first thing. A slower and shorter day but still just as amazing! There are fields of sunflowers everywhere today. And some of them people have picked the seeds out to make smiley faces in. There are many smiles awaiting for those that choose to follow their heart!

Day 9 – Belorado – Ages – 17.4 miles / 28 km
Thats 266km or 165miles so far! The beauty of the Camino needs no filters! This is my life right now. I need nothing but that which is on my back and i need do nothing except put one foot in front of the other. There is something very humbling, healing and nurturing about this journey.

Day 10 – Ages – Tardajos – 20.1 miles / 33.6 km plus a beautiful diversion around the inside of the totally stunning Cathedral at Burgos!
From rain to hot, hot, hot and to tired and to close to the end to be bothered to take the zip-off trousers actually off – so they sat on top of my boots, at my ankles instead! I feel I turned a little delirious by the end of today – funny way finish another amazing Camino walking day me thinks!

Day 11 – Tardajos – Hontanas – 13.7 miles / 22 km.
Love is everywhere! In my heart, the landscape, in nature, written on the walls and in my life!

Day 12 – Hontanas – Broadilla – 18.2 miles / 29.3 km
Today has been an awesome day – one of my favourite days so far! With each day that passes it gets easier both physically and mentally and i can feel many pieces of me i didn’t know were lost returning home.
Feeling more complete and more alive with every step along this incredible journey than i ever have before.

Day 13 – Broadilla – Calzadilla – 26.7 miles / 43 epic km’s!
I couldn’t stop walking so i just kept going. Love, love, love this Camino! I am almost half way now! I am in love with this journey, not just this pilgrimage, but life’s journey. Be Love! I have decided to keep walking each day until it doesn’t feel fun anymore – which is exactly what I plan to do in life now.

Day 14 – Calzadilla de la Cueza – Calzada del Coto – 17.5 miles / 28.2 km
I only went and passed the half way markers this morning! I felt like i was in Lord of the Rings!! That’s 245 miles / 395+ km’s walked in the last 14 days! Another totally awesome day on this awesome Way! Full of many smiles and laughter even though i walked much of the day by myself. My heart feels lighter, my steps are easier and life really is filling this gal right up the f#@k up! Feeling totally blessed and blissed out.

Day 15 – Calzada del Coto – Mansilla de las Mulas – 21 miles / 33.8 km
EVERYTHING about the Camino makes me smile, even the signage (that people had graffiti-ed into funny animals). I’m not sure i’ve ever smiled so much or felt so filled up by life! The simplicity of this life is truly magical.

Day 16 – Mansilla – Leon – 11.2 miles / 18 km (so i can explore beautiful Leon a little and meet up with Camino friends).
And wow Leon, what a beautiful city you are!! City love!

Day 17 – Leon – Hospital del Orbigo – 22.7 miles / 36.6 km
Another beautiful day along this beautiful way! And i have arrived in hostel heaven. It’s a hippy, Moroccan, veggie, hammock, pray-flag kind of place and i totally love it! Best hostel by far! I even consider (for a few moments) staying another day.

Day 18 – Hospital del Orbigo – Rabanal – 24 miles / 38.7 km
Life is soooo beautiful! Beautiful sunrises, people, landscapes, places, walking, music and World! Look around you and see it’s stunning magic, it’s everywhere!
Todays walking was supported by Johnny Cash, The Levellers, Passenger, Paulo Nuttini, James Bay, Amy MacDonald, Ellie Golding and Texas, thanks for the tunes to walk / dance to people!

Day 19 – Rabanal – Ponferrada – 21.7 miles / 35 km
I know i keep saying this, but WOW, what a totally awesome day! One of my favourite so far! Not only had i climbed a mountain before sunrise but i was visited by a cloud the shape of a dragon as i hit the highest point of the whole Camino. I then left my heart shaped stone as i offering, along with thousands of other pilgrims offerings, leaving the old behind with the offering and stepping into the new with my next steps. The views were completely stunning every step of the way. With each step I feel lighter, stronger and more powerful than i have ever felt before. The strength i feel now in my body and mind is way beyond what i could have ever dreamed of. Having felt so weak and powerless for so long this feeling is truly amazing! Life fffing rocks!!!!

Day 20 – Ponferrada – Trabedelo – 20.2 miles / 32.6 km
Miles of smiles today! Miles of blooming smiles! I simply couldn’t stop smiling, laughing and loving life today. Oh and who’d have thunk it, but apparently i now like red wine! Nibbling on the wine grapes during the day whilst walking and drinking it at night whilst resting with other amazing pilgrims.

Day 21 – Trabedelo – Triacastela – 24.9 miles / 40 km, including up and over the last mountain of the Camino!
Simply breathtaking day in each and every way! A new favourite day of the whole Camino! Life keeps offering me more and more of itself to fill me up and let me love! PS: Glacia is stunning!

Day 22 – Triacastela – Momientos – 22 miles / 35.5 km
Only gone and hit the 100km left to Santiago marker today! Wow, how on earth did that happen? Another stunning day experienced in paradise! My heart is open and my life is full! I am one happy pilgrim!

Day 23 – Mercadiro – Melide – 28.3 miles / 45.5 km
Another awesome day in pilgrim paradise! And this little pilgrim really did walk her socks off today. I can’t believe this part of my journey is almost over. It’s been the most incredible experience ever and i highly recommend everyone do at least one Camino in their life! Do it, do it, do it!

Day 24 – Camino Completo!!!! Melide – Santiago de Compostela 32.9 miles / 53, yes 53 fffffing kilometers!
12 amazing hours of walking to the finish of this truly incredible experience. I just couldn’t stop walking today and I’m so glad I did because by the time i neared Santiago there was hardly a sole on the route. Perfect peace to finish my pilgrimage with. Life is a true miracle, treat it as such! We won’t walk about the 2 hours of wandering around the city trying to find a hotel at the end of a 53 km day… we won’t talk about it at all! ;0)

Day 25 – And now to rest and await the arrival of all the beautiful souls I met along the way!

The Camino is easily one of the best experiences of my life (so far), so much so I plan to go back and do it all over again! I highly recommend this hike to everyone! ;0)

This video was meant to be just 10 seconds from each day of my journey. However, there was so many beautiful experiences, that many days I took more.
I hope that it gives you some idea of the beauty of this journey, of life itself and of the Fellowship of the Camino.

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