Many people have asked me for my Camino packing list, so here you have it…

1.    A lightweight 40L (ish) pack.  I highly recommend the Osprey packs!  They are amazingly light and have lots of handy pockets and sit really well on the body for 500miles!  Lots of people had them on the Camino.  Next time i walk it I am planning to walk it with a 30L pack, as it will stop me from carrying things i do not need.

2.      Really good pair of walking boots (you’ll need the ankle support on the mountains).  I really recommend the Solomon boots.  But get fitted for them properly in a shop

3.      Two pairs of socks (I love toes socks) and two pairs of underwear, vests and trousers.  Basically wear a set of clothes, carry/wash a set.  Buy lightweight, non-odour brands.  I love my Ice-breaker brand (it’s not cheap, but it’s amazing and is super lightweight and drys really quickly).

4.     Fleece jacket, or jumper (i have a NorthFace hooded one I love and drys really quickly)

5.      A pair of sandals for the evening

6.      Walking poles (and learn how to use the properly first)

7.      First aid kit – with compeed and tiger-balm in it

8.      A hat and gloves (even in Sept it was often icy first thing in the morning)

9.      Waterproof jacket and trousers

10.    A bladder/camel pack for water

11.   A spork (plastic spoon/fork)

12.   A super lightweight and small sleeping bag.  I have an OM one is and it’s amazing!! And dry’s really quickly

13.   Shampoo/conditioner that you can also hand wash clothes in when there are no washing machines (which isn’t often really but handy occasionally)

14.   Sun-glasses, sun-cream and possibly after-sun (although I took coconut oil as it works for this, cuts, bites and helps with sore feet)

15.   Travel adapter and leads for phone/camera etc

16.  Head-torch (for the dark mornings and also finding your belongings and way to the toilet in the dorms)

17.   Bum-bag (for all the important things and easy access to phone/camera etc)  Often you’ll leave you big bag outside shops, cafes, churches etc so having something else on you with all your important stuff in is super important

18.   Lightweight sports towel (I have a microfiber one)

19.  Dry-bag for clothes

20.   A couple of pairs of ear-plugs!  This is very important and there are always, always people snoring!

21.    And spray all your clothes, sleeping-bag and back-pack with anti-bed-bug spray before leaving

22.   Hairbrush, small sewing kit and possibly tweezers

23.    Tissues

24. Guidebook and possibly a small notebook

25. I also always carried dried fruit as a snack whenever I needed it

Wishing you a truly epic Camino!  It was easily one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I plan to do again!  Here’s a short video I made of just a few seconds of film each day of my 24 days walking the Camino and here’s a short log of my walk, enjoy!

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