Quince Syrup Recipe

Syrups could not really be any easier to make. And although there is a lot of sugar in this recipe, what you finally do with it doesn’t have to contain the same amount of sugar.

I like to make syrups from things when I don’t have time to process them into a final product yet and then I use the syrup in a ferment so that the sugar is eaten up by the fermentation process.

This quince syrup will most likely become Quince Beer (like fermented, probiotic ginger beer).

To make this syrup…


1kg of quince, peeled, cored and cut into chunks

100g white sugar

100g if honey

water to cover



  1. Add quince, sugar and honey to a saucepan
  2. Add just enough water to come 1cm above the quince
  3. Bring to the boil and then down to a simmer for 1hr or until the quince is soft and has turned pink
  4. Drain the quince and use for dessert later
  5. What you’ll have left is your syrup which will keep in the fridge for months


PS:  I am always amazed by how much quince changes colour once cooked! ;0)


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