It can be a tricky road, this road to being more spiritual.

Is it just me or does everyone else seem like they have it all figured out? The more spiritual I’ve tried to be the less authentic I’ve felt. Is it just me or does this ring true to you as well?

• Maybe you don’t see angels
• Or can’t get your head around A Course in Miracles,
• Do you enjoy the odd Egg McMuffin and Coffee?
• Perhaps you just can’t get into that meditation ‘zone’
• You like watching soaps, reading trashy magazines and gossiping with friends occasionally
• Perhaps you keep trying, yet failing at this ‘self-love’ thing
• You simply don’t have the time and money to be healthy
• Or maybe life just gets in the way of health and well-being

Well, you’re not alone and you certainly don’t have to give yourself a hard time for falling short of your perceptions of this living spiritually lark. This doesn’t make you a spiritual fraud, more of a spiritual hunter gather.

So you don’t speak to your angels, you still suffer from stress, your not as connected to source as you’d like, you’re still completely, perfectly, absolutely and exactly where you should be along your life path.

We each have our own lessons to learn and comparing our paths and lessons with others people’s paths and lessons is more of a hindrance than a help. What we can do however is learn from the lessons, share the knowledge of what we have learnt with those that wish to listen and above all else be open to the new teachings that form part of our own life journey.

If you dwell on feelings of being a spiritual fraud you’ll find it hard to see the amazing things happening all around you. So suck up these negative thoughts and breathe them out, let them go and fill yourself up with positive cleansing air instead. Know that you are connected to what is right, that things will happen for you just as and when needed and then say one (or all of the following affirmations to prepare your subconscious mind for what’s just around the corner…

• I am open, I am ready and I am willing to live an amazing spiritual life, whatever it holds for me
• I am open to seeing the wonders of my life
• I am accepting of where I am in my life and the lessons I have, and will learn
• I am connected to source and it’s infinite knowledge
• I am open to learning, growing and just ‘being’
• I am a miracle in my own right
• I let go of that which holds me back, and I’m open to that which allows me to grow

Remember – Be open, be ready, and be you. And all the rest will fall into place!

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