I wanted to share with you the easiest, cheapest and loveliest DIY natural and non-toxic hair conditioner recipe I believe there is!

All you need are the following ingredients and 10 minutes of your time!



1. An old hair conditioner or squeezable sauce bottle (well washed)

2. 1.5 tsp of guar gum (you can by this online from places like Amazon and a little really does go a long way)

3. A selection of essential oils (totalling around 20 drops)

4. 1 cup or 0.25 litres of filtered water

5. 3/4 tsp of melted coconut oil


1. Choose the essential oils you would like to add to your conditioner. I opted for 5 drops of tea-tree oil, 5 drops of lime oil and 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil.  This makes a lovely fresh, invigorating and anti-bacterial conditioner.


2. Weigh out and add all the above ingredients into a blender, mixer or in my case I used my smoothie maker as there’s less to wash up afterwards! Make sure to add the water first before the other ingredients so that they don’t have a chance to settle to the bottom.


3. Blend until there are no lumps (this takes less than one minute)


4. Transfer to your chosen bottle


There you have it!


Fast, cheap, lovely scented and you get to reuse old bottles as well!

I make my dogs’ shampoo in a similar way but add essential oils such as lavender, tea-tree, citronella and a bit of apple cider vinegar (instead of so much water) to keep those pesky fleas and ticks at bay!

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