As most of you know I have been on a mission to reverse my thyroid issues and Hashimoto (auto-immune) diagnoses without the normal meds etc prescribed for this sort of thing.  Once someone it told they have a thyroid issue they are usually told they must be on something like thyroxine for their whole life after that. This is simply not true! There are lots of things you can do to completely reverse thyroid issues. Here are some of them…

  1. Get a FULL thyroid panel done, TSH does not give you enough information about thyroid health. It tells you about pituitary health instead.
  2. Remove ALL fluoride, chlorine, and bromine from your diet/water and toothpaste etc.
  3. Remove ALL gluten (especially with Hashimoto’s) as it makes the body attack itself. It also turns down the bodies detoxification processes which has a massive effect on thyroid health.
  4. Remove soya, it creates estragon dominance.
  5. Consider stopping birth control pills (for thyroid health and lots of other health conditions).
  6. Reduce stress because it’s usually the adrenals that is screwed and not the thyroid. Too much cortisol will shut down detoxification processes. Take more salt (not table salt) if you are a stress head!
  7. Detox yourself from heavy metals and other toxins.
  8. Support the liver and kidneys as much as possible.
  9. Eat red meat – this is full of tyrosine, which is essential for thyroid health.
  10. Check your selenium, iodine, zinc, iron, B6 & B12 levels and take if necessary.
  11. Reduce your exposure to electromagnetic stress (switch off screens and routers as much as possible and stop using microwaves and smart meters and then get as much skin in contact with the earth as possible as often as possible. This helps everyone for almost everything!
  12. Address chronic viruses (Epstein-barr especially if you have Hashimoto’s), parasite issues and fungus issues, as it’s often this and not the thyroid that’s the issue.
  13. Fasting puts your body into survival mode and will slut the thyroid (among other parts of the body) down – fasting is not good for stressed out bodies and/or bodies with thyroid issues.

Here is a rough and healthy guide for your thyroid panel…

TSH is healthy between – 1.5 – 3

T4 is healthy between – 6 – 12 (below 6 and it could be an iodine deficiency)

Free is healthy between – 3 -4 (below 1 and it could be an iodine deficiency)

T3 is healthy between 100 – 180 (below 100 and you are probably not converting properly and probably need tyrosine and selenium and have a toxic liver)

Free T3 is healthy between – 3 -4 (below 3 and you are probably not converting properly and probably need tyrosine and selenium and have a toxic liver)

TPO is healthy below 34 (above is the start of Hashimoto’s, which you CAN stop getting worse if you address it early on).

Reverse T3 is healthy between – 9.2 – 24 (if this is out it’s probably due to, to much cortisol)

T3 Uptake is healthy between – 28 – 38 (if this is out you probably have estragon dominance)

Please remember I am not a Doctor (only a holistic nutritionist, health coach and therapist), I am simply sharing the years of research and experiments on myself, which has results in my Hashimoto’s now being completely gone and my thyroid still continuing to improve with each month that passes.

If you have any questions at all let me know,

Faith xx

PS:  It’s important you get a full thyroid panel (and other tests above) done and do not guess what is going on yourself!



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