Hey Lovelies, my coach has given me an outrageous challenge and I need your help to complete it please.

He has given me just 30 days to schedule 100 Free Powerful Wellness Coaching Conversations! Eeeek!

I have to block out at least one hour for each life-changing conversation!

So, who do you know who really, really wants to be well, fitter, more energised, healthier and/or happier, but feels like they are just going round in the circles or don’t know where to start?

Please forward them this blog post, get them to email me at faith@faithcanter.com or fill in my contact form here, if they would like to be scheduled for one of my 100 Powerful Wellness Coaching Conversations in the next 30 days!

Thank you so much!

PS:  These sessions will take place via Skype, so it doesn’t matter where they are in the World and they can help, mental, physical or spiritual concerns!  What have they really got to lose? ;0)


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