Crazy Wild Gratitude

Why is the practice of gratitude so beneficial for us?

Firstly, it helps us focus on what is good in our life/the World instead of what we perceive as bad/wrong.

But mainly, it helps our nervous system to regulate itself.  When we start to notice (which we have to purposely do to start with) the small good, beautiful, funny, usual, easy, happy things around us this settles our nervous system and tells it we are safe and connected to the World and in turn the more we do that, the more the nervous system begins to realise it actually is safe and then searches out more things to be grateful for and to feel safe and connected doing or being around.

This practice has recently become a big this on social media with the sharing of posts about glimmers (the opposite of triggers), which is a phrase Deb Dana (a wonderful nervous system guru) came up with many years ago.

So, the more we search the things to be grateful for/glimmers, the more these will help to regulate our nervous system and then the nervous system will find more of them because it has an increased level of regulation and connection with the World.

So, searching for gratitude creates more things to be grateful for and a deep level of healing for ourselves (and the World).

One of the amazing ladies in my membership group came up with the phrase ‘crazy wild gratitude’ whilst we were talking the other week and it fits this sharing so much because gratitude helps heal the nervous system, which helps make us feel safe and in turn allows us to let go of our walls/barriers and be ourselves – our wild, real, natural and free selves!

PS:  Please don’t be put off if the practice of gratitude does not come naturally to start with and in fact makes you feel some what negative… I’ve been there!  Start with the small and easy things and build up.  Are you grateful for the hot water in the taps, for the dishes, as they mean you had food to eat, for your skin that keeps everything in, for the colour of the autumn leaves and so on.  It gets easier I promise!



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