Fermented Eggs!

Yep you heard that right! Last year I pickled tons of eggs in vinegar but with miso, kimchi juice and herbs and spices along side. This year I decided to up my game and just directly ferment them so they become more nutrient dense and of course probiotic!

I used this…

12 eggs

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp sugar

Kimchi juice to cover all eggs

I did this…

  1. I boiled the eggs for 12 mins, let them cool and peeled them.
  2. I then poked each egg 4 times with a tooth pick.  This is to get the flavours to soak into the eggs quicker as they won’t be in the brine as long as pickled eggs are.
  3. Then place them in a large glass jar. Add salt and sugar and covered the whole lot in kimchi juice (left over from making kimchi), or you could us a flavoured kraut juice instead.
  4. Weigh everything down (with a bag of water or a small plate or large sterilised pebble) to make sure no eggs pop up above the kimchi juice.
  5. Let it sit on the side for 24hrs and then in the fridge for 3 days to make sure the flavours are infuse into the eggs.
  6. Then they are ready to eat. Consume within 2 weeks and store in the fridge!

The spicy eggy goodness does rock!

PS:  The kimchi juice I used is made with red/purple cabbage, hence the purple colouring of the eggs in the picture.


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