Probiotics for Animals…

Animals benefit just as much from fermented foods and drinks as people do. Especially if they arent free-range (meaning their normal diet is restricted), or if they are given medicines like antibiotics etc and are fed on processed animal feed. As, then they become just like us and get depleted easily.

However, just like us, its easy to add ferments to their diets and replenish the good bacteria in their bodies. Meaning, just like us they should become ill less.

Since having chickens I have fermented their food in a 3 day cycle (exact details of ‘how too’ here). This not only gives them some a great source of probiotics but makes the food go further too. I also fed them any human ferments that are past their best, like sauerkraut & kimchi (spices are really good for them and they cannot feel heat from spices). They will also eat spare kombucha scobies if you cut them up.

The dogs and cats (chickens too) can get additional probiotics from spare kefir grains, water or milk ones too.

But, basically you can ferment any animals food if its dry biscuits or grains. 3 days is usually enough time for the fermented food to be ready, although it could be ready quicker in summer and longer in winter. I bring mine inside in the winter. I have 3 buckets going for 3 days and just refill the one I have just fed the chickens each day so there is a constant supply.

And, remember chickens should be fed on the floor, not in feeding trays or bins, as chickens need to eat grit with their food to break it down, as they don’t have teeth. So this makes life even easier, as there is nothing extra to clean up. Just throw the contents of the bucket on the floor each morning and refill.

Its so simple for us and our animals to eat well, its never as complicated as we think and always saves time and money in the long run.


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