Being a More Resilient Human Being…

Many people go through life barely surviving and definitely not thriving.  We put having more, doing more and being more above health and happiness.  Or, we think we can achieve health and happiness if we first achieve the rest.  This is simply not true!  If we put off health and happiness until a later date we will have neither and usually make ourselves even more unhealthy and unhappy in the mean time.

We need to prioritize health and happiness and then what usually happens is we either realise we don’t need the rest or the rest comes easily in the form of our purpose and fullness in whatever is in front of us.

The key to being a more resilient human being is being more present in your moments.  Not getting lost in the past or dreaming of the future too much.  Being here, in your present moments more!

And, here are some more ways to be a more resilient human being…

  • Let it Go – Let go of the things that are simply not that import
  • Simplify – Less is more, get rid of the clutter in mind and environment
  • You Don’t Need to be More – You just need to be you!
  • Stop the Distractions – Drinking, smoking, Netflix-ing and Facebook-ing are simply distractions from dealing with our ‘stuff’
  • Eat Real Food – Eat the rainbow and seasonally
  • Make Sleep a Priority – Go to bed early (and stop looking at screens before and during sleep time)
  • Is this More Important than My Health? – Is the scratch on the car, the burnt roast dinner or the un-watered house plant really more important than your health? Let these things go
  • Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water/juice/herbal teas throughout the day (like close to 3L)
  • Get it Out – Get the anxiety, frustration &//or depression out of your head.  It will always get worse if left inside there. Journal, talk or tap/EFT and get it out
  • Breath & Posture – Make sure you are breathing fully and deeply and that your posture is good and thus the oxygen can get where it needs to be
  • Ground – Get as much of your skin as often as possible in contact with the earth/a tree/the sea
  • Reduce Screen Time – The effects of electro magnetic stress effect us all.  Reduce it and be more present in your moments instead
  • Practice Gratitude – List the things right in yourself and your life more often than you list the things you think you are lacking
So, you see that most of the things that make us more resilient human beings are free, easy and just take a little time to do.  The key to this is addressing our stress, overthinking and anxiety.  These things trigger our nervous system, us up reserves and make us less capable of dealing with daily life.

The problem is rarely the problem, it’s our way of thinking about the problem that is!

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