Random things you may not think are bad for your health…

Tattoos – They are FULL of heavy metals. Plus, if you are an overthinker/stressed/depressed/anxious they will also upset your nervous system whilst having them too. PS:  Wish I’d known this one sooner as I have several tattoos myself – but if you are the same then maybe a heavy metal detox would be a good idea.

Not having enough salt – Most people are salt/sodium deficient. We were told for a long-time salt was bad for us, which is false, table salt is bad for us, but all other salts a good for us and in fact essential for health. And, again if you are an overthinker/stressed/depressed/anxious you’ll be burning through your supply of this much quicker and much more in need of it.

Not getting out in the sun – We have again been told the sun is bad for us and causes cancer, which is false. Most of us are in desperate need for sunshine on our skin, not only does it help with Vit D levels but sleep, depression, and our nervous system.

Suncream – Is one really bad for us (unless you are using a natural one), its rammed full of chemicals which we uptake through hot, open pores on our skin. It’s estimated you will absorb around 75% of these chemicals from these products.

Nuts & Seeds that are not soaked – Unless you soaked your nuts and seeds then not only are you not absorbing most of the goodness they may have in them but they can irritate the digestive system and they can cause inflammation.

Seed oils – Things like sunflower oil made (and also margarines, including diary-free substitutes) are very toxic to our bodies. Your body does not know how to process them, whoever realm fats like olive and coconut oil and animals fats it can process properly and your absorb all the goodness from.

Fasting – Fasting can be beneficial to some people, however if you are one of the many who is an overthinker/stressed/depressed/anxious then fasting is really not good for you. You need to eat regularly to support your adrenals and nervous system if your mind is on overdrive. Fasting will stress you system more.

Proteins – Most people are not eating enough good fats and proteins, at least half of your plate at each meal should be made up of these.

Screens – Sleeping next to or near your phone, laptop, tablet or TV make you suspectable to electromagnetic stress, which interferes with sleep, hormones, mood, inflammation and so much more.

Gluten & Soya – This is not so random, as I have written about them both a lot. These should not be in your diet in anyway at all, but even more so if you have or think you might have an auto-immune disease or thyroid issues. They make the body attack itself when in fact it’s trying to attack these items that are stored in the body if you have even the slightest or slight of a leaky gut. (There are many other reasons these two are bad, but you can check out my blogs on those if you are interested.

The most important thing though is listening to our own body.  What’s good or bad for one person may not be for another.  What’s your body telling you when you eat or do certain things?  This is the key to health, to get more connected to our body again.

Wishing you a big massive pile of health and happiness today, Faith



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