I currently have a new book taking form, all about self love. It’s very different to my first book, or the second book I was working on. This is because I’ve come to realise that the path to health has to be a path to love as well. When we are in conflict with our body with create dis-ease, so learning to love our body, our relationships and our life is the true foundation for long term health and well-being to take place.

Last night the following note from my heart came to me and I wanted to share it with you. You can use it as an affirmation, a prayer, as part of your tapping practice or as a simple reminder to be kinder to yourself. I hope you find comfort in it like I am and give yourself permission to not only be all you already are but to love that being you are here to be!

I give myself permission to be me,
I give myself permission to thrive,
I give myself permission to shine,
I am open to all I am,
I am honest to who i am,
I am the sum of my history, but not my history,
I am beautiful, bountiful love and light,
I am an unconditional being,
I am aligned,
I am aware,
I am awake,
I am alive,
I am life!

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