Are you doing all the right things yet getting frustrated with not getting the results you want?

Maybe there’s some simple things holding you back?

Below I have made several videos with some of the simple things that had a huge impact on my own recovery from ME/CFS. Although the change in diet helped and the detoxing body and home, it became very apparent to me that detoxing the mind what just as important!

Firstly, how much time are you actually spending on your goals? Not just thinking about them, but doing things to make them happen? It’s surprising when you actually think about this it might not be very much. For example, if you want to be happier / have peace of mind, what are you actually doing to make it happen?

Are are you thanking your body? This is important if you have been ill a long time as we are often in a state of blaming our body. This isn’t an open healing state, so simply by thank your body for all the amazing things it is going for you every day is a good place for change to happen.

Are there secondary gains to your present situation? For example, does you ill health mean you don’t have to go out and work in a job you hate or see people you dislike? I was surprised I had secondary gains, especially as I desperately wanted to get well, but I did and once I admitted these and started working on ways of healing them them my health came on leaps and bounds.

As you can see, there are some simple techniques that once you are aware of you can move closer to your goals, whatever these maybe.

Please feel free to share your stories below if you have found any of these or any similar things have helped you reach your goals.

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