Are you finding yourself being triggered by someone, something, some thought or some event? Just Tap on it!
I have been talking to a lot of clients recently who are struggling with underlying emotions, stress and/or anxiety.
This puts us into the fight of flight response, hinders our bodies ability to heal, drains us, disempowers us and certainly makes things like ME/CFS/FM much worse.
Just because these things aren’t big things, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something about them.  In fact these underlying feelings are worse for us than the big things, as our mind and body are built to deal with short term stress, that’s what the fight of flight response is for.  However they aren’t built to deal with ongoing underlying stress responses over a long period of time.  
Luckily for you though there are things like tapping, which break the habit of slipping into negative, anxious thoughts and feelings.  They also help you resolve those triggers and give you some power and control back of the situation, as you can do something then and there to empower and heal yourself! 
Forget about set-up phrases, tapping on all the points or tapping on the right thing.  Just pick a tapping point and tap on your inner thoughts (in the moment) and then tap on being open to learning, growing and things being different in the future.  This sends a powerful message to the subconscious mind to start making this happen!

Here’s a short video I made a little while about about how to use tapping in the moment!

Here is my tapping playlist on YouTube, that you might find helpful as well!
If you would like to learn more about tapping and how it can help your health don’t forget I offer free wellness conversations where we can discuss this and other ways you can attain your wellness goals!  Just fill in my contact form and I’ll get back to you.
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