Sweet Potatoes

An amazing good alternative to white spuds! Unlike the white spud sweet potatoes are slow releasing, so they dont spike the blood sugars and they are also not inflaming like the white ones either. They are high in Vit C, A & B9 and also have B1,2,3,5 & 6, E, & K in them.

They are super easy to grow. You plant the slips (little vines), up to the last two leaves in the soil, after the last frost and you dig them up before the first frost.

They only issue you may have is that the moles and mice like them too. Last year I put branches from my friend @potterybydebbie ‘s (thank you Debbie) bay tree all around the bed and didn’t have any nibbles on my potatoes, this year I neglected to do that and it seems in the last couple of weeks they have started to feast on them.

So, next year I either dig them up a month earlier, as they are quite big enough anyway or I stuff (I use them like stakes, putting them half in the soil) the bay leaves around them again.

I have planted some bay trees of my own (also from Debbie) but it may be a while until they are big enough for this task.

I love how there is always something natural, something we can grow or make from what we grow that eliminates the need for chemicals or other outside factors. I am not sure you can be a completely self-sufficient quinta, but you can certainly give it a go.


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