Does your immune system need a little pick me up?  Are you fed up of catching every bug going?  Are you just fed up of feeling under the weather?  Or perhaps you have or suspect you have an auto-immune condition?

There are some simple things you can do to nurture you immune system and here they are:

Heal your digestive system.  Most of our immune system is in the digestive system, so anything you can do to heal this, by default will heal the immune system. Check out my blog on how to do this here

Address a potential yeast imbalance and possible parasite issue within the digestive system.  This has a huge positive impact on overall health and well-being, and also means your absorb more of the essential nutrients you require from your foods and supplements.  Check out how to do this here

Introduce some fermented (not pickled) foods and drinks into your diet.  These are extremely high in probiotic’s, good bacteria’s and nutrients and also help your body to detox, heal and absorb more nutrients from the food and drink you do eat

Look into healing your adrenals.  You do this through addressing stress in your life and reducing foods and drinks high on the GI Index.  Check out Dr James Wilsons great website for more detailed information one this here

Eat regularly and eat well.  Make sure to have good carbs and proteins with each meal

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to get the nutrients your body needs to heal

Introduce seaweed into you diet. It’s incredibly dense in so many nutrients and will nurture your body and immune system.  Here’s an old seaweed blog of mine that may inspire your seaweed consumption

Get detoxing!  A body burdened with toxins is a body not working as effectively as it should.  So support the body to detox and allow it to function as it should.  Here’s some tips on how to do this

Swap trans-fats (vegetable, sunflower oil and margarine’s) for food fats like coconut oil, olive oil, flax oil and nut oils

Support your liver!  You can do this with herbs and spices, the bitterer the better

Replace your cosmetics, hair care products and cleaning products natural alternatives

Consider supplementing with immune building, aged garlic, selenium, magnesium, zinc and krill oil

Address stress with relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, ti chi and qi gong

Take up regular, light exercise, as this strengthens the immune system (please note that to much intensive exercise can actually weaken the immune system)

Laugh and hug more!  These two things have been proven to help heal and support the immune system

Make sure to get plenty of sleep.  The body does most of it’s healing and detoxing whilst asleep


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