With the way we live our lives these days it’s easy for our liver and gall bladder to become congested with toxins and not work as effectively as they should.  However, it’s also easy to start a cleanse them as well.

I recommend before, during and after a liver and gall bladder cleanse that you eat and drink as healthily as possible, so that your liver and gallbladder are not trying to deal with any naughty foods and drinks whilst trying to cleanse at the same time.

Drinking a liver cleansing juice first thing in the morning as part of a juice cleanse or healthy eating regime works great.  Doing it for around 5 days is perfect!

Each morning (before you eat anything else), juice the following items…

2 grapefruits

2 oranges

2 lemons

1 garlic glove

1 inch of ginger

Then add…

Roughly 150ml of filtered water

A pinch of cayenne pepper

2 tbsp. cold press flax oil

Mix well and drink down.


For some healthy meal options to eat during any type of cleanse, check out my blog posts under Raw Food here, Free From here or Fermented / Cultured / Probiotic here.  You can also download my free Smoothies, Juices and Tea’s ebook, here.

My book Living a Life Less Toxic is packed full of all sorts of healthy recipes as well, check this out here.


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