Let’s Stop…


Let’s stop comparing ourselves to others, when they are only doing the same with others

Let’s stop expecting others to love us, when we make little effort to love ourselves first

Let’s stop carrying around the shame of things we did when we knew no better

Let’s stop judging others in a bid to make ourselves feel better about ourselves

Let’s stop thinking we are weak if we cry, we need to let this stuff out!

Let’s stop thinking we are broken or need fixing, we are learning to ‘do’ human and that’s OK!

Let’s stop looking on the outside, for what we already know we need to go within for

Let’s stop with not prioritizing early nights and the seriously wondering why we are so tired!?!?

Let’s top making our moments miserable, in the hope the long-term goal makes it all worth while (this moment is the only moment that really matters)

Let’s stop ignoring our shadows whilst trying to be lightworkers.  The only way forward is to embrace all!

Let’s stop trying to think positively, say positive affirmation and pretend we are OK, when we are not! Let’s be true to who we are and how we feel, but without being sucked under by our stories of who we think we should be

Let’s stop searching for what’s wrong in our lives rather than what’s right

Let’s stop thinking everyone else is hurting us, when, if we are honest it’s our own thought’s/mind doing that

Let’s stop telling ourselves we have no time for all the ‘good stuff’, when we have spent 2hrs today on social media

Let’s stop prioritizing everything else above our own happiness. All the rest will come so much easier if we prioritize our happiness first

Let’s stop not even bothering to try because we are afraid of failure or even success.  The only failure is not trying at all

Let’s stop wondering why we feel so down, when if we are honest, we do nothing consistently to change this

Let’s stop shaming our bodies, because of airbrushed, money making marketing ideas of what society is trying to make us believe is beautiful.  Beauty is us just ‘being’, not trying to be something else

Let’s stop sedating ourselves with social media, TV, box-set’s, booze, drugs, people, shopping or even the gym. Let’s allow ourselves to feel those feels, so they can finally flow

Let’s stop wasting resources on thinking no one else understands.  It’s a fact, they don’t!  Not even if they went through exactly the same things in life as you, they still wouldn’t. So, let it go

Let’s stop thinking we are alone, yet make real no effort to reach out to others and ask for help when we feel this way

Let’s stop ignoring our bodies.  They tell us that food, drink, person, place isn’t good for us and we ignore it, why?

Let’s stop consuming, thinking the next thing, food or change will make us happy.  Happiness comes from within!

Let’s stop living in lack.  Lack of people, things, money, stuff!  Living in lack, reinforces our feelings of lack

Let’s stop trying to be like everyone else, when everyone else is trying to do the same!

Let’s stop being a victim of past events by allowing them to control our present.  They were shitty, not nice, they hurt, but those people and what they did have no business in controlling our happiness now

Let’s stop giving ourselves a hard time because of what society has taught us makes a good human being

Let’s stop hiding behind our masks, these don’t protect us anyway, we still feel the pain the same

Let’s stop carrying our pain, like a well-used comfort blanket and allow ourselves to let it go instead

Let’s stop allowing our past to label our present

Let’s stop thinking we are not abundant beings, when we have food in our cupboards, water in our taps and grass beneath our toes

And finally, let’s stop thinking everyone else has it sorted and doesn’t struggle like we do.  ‘Spoiler alert’ – every single one of us struggles!  No one has it sorted!  Everyone still feels their pain!  But it is possible to feel it less, to fight it less and to allow it to flow quicker instead.  But, you must do ‘the work’, you must keep trying, you must show up, look at your stuff, be OK with being human and be OK for the triggers to keep rearing their not so pretty heads.  Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but it also doesn’t have to be this hard either.

Be OK with being you. Be OK with the triggers when they come.  Be OK with sometimes feeling low.  Be OK with feeling your feelings instead.  Be OK with this present moment, because that’s really all we have anyway.  And, be OK with the uncertainty, the fear, the pain, the not knowing.  None of us really have any idea what’s right around the corner anyway, so be OK with not being in control and let’s stop fighting ourselves and our lives and living in our moments instead!


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