Garlic Abundance

I have learnt with garlic that is needs a lot of love to actually produce something worth the effort of planting it!

Planting deep

Sunny location

Good fertilized soil that drains well

Cutting back (the green tops) several times if they grow tops too quickly (to put more energy into growing the bulb

Mulching if it frosts where you are


I harvested these bulbs months ago and hung them up to dry (another important step so tjey dont rot) but have now only got around to cutting them down and bagging them in mesh bags.

I use a lot of garlic in food and of course in lots of my ferments (especially Kimchi), its super good for our immune system, reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and chances of cancer, its a natural antibiotic and may even prevent dementia and alzheimers. Oh plus its a great detoxifier (as are fermented foods & drinks 😉).

So, why not get your garlic on!



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