Guest Blog by Vicki Cook – Detoxing through TRE – Tension and Trauma Release Exercises

TRETM is a self-help therapy that I am passionate about because it has helped me to return to full health and energy.  I had many debilitating symptoms that are grouped under the condition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  These physical and mental problems were caused by the stress I was under as a child in a highly dysfunctional, emotionally abusive family and I continued to perpetuate in the way I handled my life after leaving home.  I have used many therapies over 20 years and they helped me to heal and be able to function and get on with my life but nothing has gone so quickly to the deepest held roots of my problems.  So now I want others to use this same natural and instinctual way of healing too.

TRETM is a series of exercises that can activate a predictable and easily regulated neurogenic tremoring response which usually begins in the hip flexor muscles.  The neurogenic tremoring will successfully reduce the challenging symptoms caused by trauma or the stress and overwhelm of daily life.

This revolutionary technique developed by Dr David Berceli supports healing at the deepest levels of the body where traumatic responses are held in the muscles and myofascia.  The beauty of neurogenic tremoring experienced in TRETM is that it enlists the body’s own natural recovery process which then works to release the tension in the body and to calm the stress response in the brain.

It will enable you to relieve chronic patterns of tension held in the body. These patterns are created when we need to protect and defend ourselves and the fight, flight, freeze responses are activated, but they are not released after the emergency or perceived emergency is over.  When these patterns of fight, flight, freeze are switched on all the time they cause PTSD, depression, bad backs, IBS, fatigue, anxiety disorders and other similar symptoms.

TRETM can be learnt quickly and adapted to fit any level of physical ability.  Once you have learned to activate the tremoring you have a self-help tool which you can use whenever needed and to heal past stress and trauma.  Some people choose to have sessions with a Practitioner or be part of a TRETM Group as they experience challenges with allowing the body to tremor and need support to overcome these.  TRETM can be used on its own or to enhance other therapies.  TRETM can be used on its own or to enhance other therapies.

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