Dehydrated Fermented Foods…

Did you know you can dehydrate fermented foods?

If your sauerkraut, kimchi or fermented carrots have fermented past your liking (ie: gone too sour, soggy or strong). Then you can spread your fermented vegetables on to dehydrating sheets and place them in your dehydrator for a couple of days.  The exact time you dehydrate them for will vary depending on how moist your chosen fermented vegetables are.

If you keep the temperature at 110 degrees or below then you will keep the probiotics and nutritional value in the ferments.

Dehydrate your veggies until they are crispy dry (don’t leave any moisture in them as they wont keep very long then). If they are completely dry they will keep for a year or so.

The flavour of ferments dehydrated is very intense and each bite is equal to having something like half a jar of fermented vegetables in probiotic and nutritional values.

You can sprinkle these dehydrated ferments on to salads and such like for a more intense and crispy hit to your food.

You can also add these sprinkles into cooked food, but you will lose most of the probiotics then… but it will taste good!

When i dehydrate fermented veggies i rotate them every few hours to make sure they are drying equally. After about 8hrs i take away the dehydrating sheets and just let the veggies dry on the mesh shelves instead.


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