Fermented Christmas Kvass Recipe

This is a super easy and yummy wild fermented drink…



1 small apple or pear, sliced

½ – 1 orange, sliced (with the peel still on)

1 good handful of raisins

1 tbsp. of honey or maple syrup

½ – 1 tsp. cinnamon, ground

½ – 1 tsp. ginger, ground

1-3 cloves

¼ – nutmeg or all-spice (optional)




  1. Put all items in a large jar, filling half way
  2. Fill with spring water almost to the top (leaving 2 cm’s at least)
  3. Put the lid on tightly and shake well
  4. Shake every day for 3 days and then open (if your house is warm is will be fizzy, if not it won’t).
  5. Drain and bottle and leave in the fridge
  6. Consume within a few days




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