Those things you think disempower you, they are actually here to empower you!

The only real way to pass through a difficulty without it imprinting on you forever more is to see the expansion of your own evolution within it.

I have evolved beyond my wildest dreams with each of the perceived crappy things that has happen to me in my life. From abuse, drug use and various illnesses, to ME/CFS and a whole heap of other things. If it wasn’t for these disempowering episodes in my life I wouldn’t be here, writing to you and having the privileged to help so many people each and every day. I lead a life much fuller than I ever thought possible and I know with each hurdle that I come across I will continue to evolve; I have 100% success rate of it!

You do too! You have a 100% rate of getting through everything in your life, because you are here, right here, right now!

The perceived crappy things are fuel for a fuller, happier and healthier life. We just need to learn ways to hardness the power of these situations rather than allow ourselves to be disempowered by them. How do I use such situations to fuel my empowerment?

1. I remember I have a 100% success rate of being OK!
2. I trust that the expansion of my own evolution will come when I stop fighting the situation, myself and others.
3. I remember that fighting the situation drains my energy and resources, as I really am only fighting myself.
4. I look for the lessons! I actively search out how this will allow me to grow and what I can do to harness this.
5. I remind myself that sometimes I have to let go to grow! Actually scratch that, you almost always have to let go to grow. Holding on to old habits, people, thoughts, memories, situations, grievances and belongings does little for our growth and actually keeps us stuck. They keep us from moving on, having time, space and energy for new things, places and people in our life. Letting go is a fundamental part of growth, even when it hurts like a bitch! ;0)
6. I remind myself that the stress and anxiety I feel is all created within me, it’s my own inner reaction to a situation. I have the ability to react differently and in a way that impacts my own health and wellness in a much less negative way.
7. I repeatedly ask myself this question… What would love do? This neutralises almost any situation where I feel doubt, resentment, judgment or hurt. If you are being unkind to yourself or to others this one question will bring you out of that thought process and into a more heart centre place of nurturing yourself and/or the situation or person(s) troubling you.
8. Bad things aren’t happening to me because I am a bad person (even though this is what I thought for much of my life). Perceived bad things are happening to me because I need a shift in my life for my own evolution. Simply surviving is not acceptable to me, I want to live, fully and completely and to do this sometimes you need a big-arse wake-up call. Otherwise one day easily fades into another and another and before you know it, another year has gone by with nothing much changing.
9. I celebrate the good things happening around me, every single one of them!
10. I value my place in the World! I list every night ways in which I have added value to the World, in any tiny way.
11. I remind myself I am a walking talking miracle, on a magical ball of gas, water and air, in an infinite Universe.
12. This one is a work in progress… I learn to communicate better with myself and others around me. I listen more, I’m kinder, more committed and more open!
13. I remind myself… This Too Shall Pass! And when I do all the above, this too does pass!

The more I practice the above the easier it comes each time. I find myself spending less and less time in thought processes that disempower and more and more time in places of actively seeking out how this situation can empower my evolution instead. Even this thought process by itself is empowering. Actively seeking out ways something can empower you instantly allows less of your power to be lost to the situation, which allows you more clarity to see you way through it.

Being someone of a depressive nature I have found it incredibly easy for me to slip into the pits of despair for the slightest little thing, and obviously more so when big things come along. I thought the World, my body and the people around me were all against me. I see now though it was only ever my own mind I was fighting. This has been like a revolution for my soul! A revolution for the expansion of my evolution! How totally awesome is that? ;0)

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