Why I Wished to Live Off-Grid…

I have been living off-grid now for almost 6yrs, but it was a dream for many, many years before that. Even as a teen I loved the idea of it and by the time I was in my 20’s I dreamed of some sort of off-grid (as much as you can) in Scotland where people with struggled and striffs could and work out their ‘stuff’ on the land.

As I aged I realised this probably wasnt very likely going to happen in Scotland, but when my husband and I seperated I bought a campervan and decided I was off to Vietnam in it with my dog to set myself up off-grid there. However I found Portugal first and never left as I realised this place really had everything I dreamed off and was much closer to ‘home’ too.

My reasons for wishing to live off-grid are…

  1. Wishing to live more connected to nature (and thus myself).
  2. Not wanting to work a crappy job, for crappy pay, to pay for a crappy apartment.
  3. Wishing to grow my own, organic food and be incharge of my own health.
  4. Not to be dependant of external power sources, the problems theae cause and the costs they can charge.
  5. Wishing to reuse the ‘waste’ from the house and not adding to the toxicity of the World.
  6. Wishing to live in a more old fashioned manner.
  7. A desire for privacy.
  8. Wishing to grow, harvest and preserve my own food and drink and continue this cycle with composting what cannot be eaten by human or animal and feeding it back to the garden for more food.
  9. To live in a very minimual way.
  10. To live in one of the most sustainable ways humans can presently.
  11. A desire for freedom (as much as we can in the crazy-ass World).

For me I (or the animals or garden ha) decide what is most important that day. Its an intense journey and involves many discomforts, loses and learnings, its harder work than any job you’ll do for someone else, but its soooo rewarding, fulfilling and freeing that I would not change it for the World.

If you have any questions about my life or living off-grid feel free to ask.


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