Why Kombucha Gets a Bad Reputation…

I often see people on here making comments about Kombucha being bad for you and I see where they are coming from!  Shop bought (especially from supermarkets) Kombucha is pretty terrible.

Often, it’s been pasteurised (cooked) so there are no probiotic left in it.  And, on top of that they usually add more sugar in before bottling it, so it’ tastes better and sells more.

If you find Kombucha on the shelf in a shop and not in the refrigerator, then the chances are it’s been pasteurised.  If it’s from a supermarket, then check if there are added sugars too.  Usually supermarket Kombuchas are not much different than all the other unhealthy sodas you can buy, so if you want a health drink they might be best avoided.

However, homemade Kombuchas (or a lot of those found in health food shops) are a totally different.  We producers of Kombucha make sure to serve it when it’s not too sugary (it eats up the original sugar you add in the fermentation process) and also not to vinegary (which is when it’s fermented for a bit too long).  We also don’t pasteurize our Kombucha, making sure is HIGH in probiotics and we don’t add in sugars at the end, instead we usually flavour to the Kombucha with something yummy (like lime and mint or hibiscus or ginger and lemon) instead.

In summary, homemade Kombucha is not the same as mass produced Kombucha.  The mass-produced stuff is more often than not, not that good for us.  Whereas the homemade stuff certainly is.



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