Kimchi and it’s Benefits

There is no doubt where Kimchi came from and that is Korea.  It’s thought to date back to 57 B.C and originally wasn’t spicy and had a base of radish instead of cabbage which seems to be the norm these days.

However did you also know some of the many benefits of Kimchi?

  • It’s one of the most nutrient dense fermented foods as I had a variety of different vegetables in it.
  • This also means it’s packed full of pre and probiotics, again one of the highest in all fermented foods and drinks.
  • Like all fermented foods and drinks it’s a great detoxifier, support for the immune, endocrine (hormones) and digestive systems and can help increase mood and energy levels.
  • Choline found in Kimchi supports our cells, muscles, memory and nervous system.
  • In studies it showed it support heart health and reduced heart disease.
  • Studies also showed Kimchi reduced blood sugar levels and body fat too.
  • And lastly, in studies it showed that it reduced candida overgrowth within the body without the need for any medications or even other natural alternatives to medications.
  • Many believe because of it’s high number of nutrients and pre/probiotics it may also help fight cancer too.


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