When I first trained as a Holistic Nutritionist some time ago now I believed that gluten wasn’t really the problem, but more so the wheat itself and the unhealthy ways it was added to, farmed, processed and baked.

These days I realise that was very wrong and yes the above is also a big factor in why many people have reactions when eating wheat based products, but that even if you don’t react then you really should not be eating gluten… none of us should and here is why I believe that…

  • It fuels (and in some instances creates) auto-immune conditions as it’s stored in the body and the the body starts attacking where it’s stored.
  • In fact if you have any sort of auto-immune condition or any thyroid issues at all you should avoid gluten with a bargepole
  • It has a direct negative effect on your thyroid and also your cerebellum, effecting balance and co-ordination etc
  • It’s addictive (and not just because wheat products effect out dopamine levels)
  • It’s got a range of opioids in it (yep you read that right)
  • It switches off your cancer killing cells (because of the opioids)
  • It easily leaks through the lining of your digestive system if you have any digestive issues at all and gets into your blood stream where is causes more issues
  • It fuels other food intolerances and allergies
  • It’s impossible to fully heal leaky gut, auto-immune conditions and many skin conditions if consuming gluten
  • It reduces you energy, mood and mental clarity, even if you feel no other symptoms on eating it
  • Our bodies cannot process it and recognises it as an invader
  • Sourdough breads purchased from supermarkets etc still have gluten in because they do not go through a full fermentation process to remove it. Only traditionally prepared sourdoughs (left to rise for at least 24hrs) have close to no gluten in them

I know it’s a tricky one to give up, but once you break the opioid and dopamine habit it’s easier than you think and your body (and mind) will definitely be happier and healthier for it.

The good news is there are lot’s of gluten free recipes out there for amazing cakes, cookies, pastries and pies. All the recipes in all my books are gluten-free (plus dairy, sugar and wheat free) and on my website too.

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