I guess I think of myself as bit of a fatigue expert! I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for 6+ years and prior to that adrenal fatigue since my teens and now I feel vibrant and energised all the time. So, maybe I know a thing or two (or maybe I just got lucky – you can decide).

Everyone feels fatigued right? Yes, but just because everyone does, it does not mean it should be normal! If you are constantly feeling fatigued and a good nights sleep does not help, then it’s likely your body is telling you something is out of balance. It’s almost never a supplement deficiency or just a thyroid problem etc, these are symptoms of something at the root out of balance, they don’t happen alone.  Something deeper needs addressing. So, no amount of ignoring the situation, or using coffee or other stimulants to get going is going to help this, in fact it’s likely to just keep getting worse.

Here’s some things to consider if you aren’t already:

  • Eat a good nutritious diet – One with a LOT of healthy fats, proteins and vegetables.
  • Address a digestive imbalance – No amount of good food or supplements will help your fatigue if there is a digestive imbalance, as you won’t be up-taking nutrients easily. Whilst addressing an imbalance gets lots of fermented foods and drinks into you (with each meal), as they are an amazing source of nutrients and pre and probiotics.
  • Eat regularly – Everyone 3-4 hrs, fasting does not help most people with long term fatigue, in fact it makes them worse.
  • Get to sleep before 10.00pm – because at 11.00pm we get a second wind and it’s much harder to get good quality sleep from here on.
  • Ditch the stimulants – initially you’ll feel a little worse, but soon enough, as the body and mind come back into balance you’ll feel much better
  • Ditch the wheat/gluten – Many people are intolerant to this and as such it takes a lot of extra energy to process it.
  • Adrenally supportive diet – Consider having an adrenally supportive diet, so reduce your white carbohydrates, and high sugar fruits (plus stimulants like coffee, tea, matcha, chocolate, cacao and booze) to bring balance back into the system.
  • The crazy mind – this is the most important of all of them! Everyone I work with who’s had insomnia for instance has ‘fixed’ it by helping their head. However, this is not just for insomnia, this makes every system of the body work as it should, thus meaning it’s not exhausting itself to do basic tasks anymore.

Basically, to address fatigue we want to being balance back, balance back into the body, the mind and our life. To much pushing, pleasing, achieving, ignoring, thinking, sugars, even screen time all spikes our blood sugars, thoughts, and nervous system.

When we bring back balance, we bring back energy too!


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