Since living in Portugal I’ve been making St John’s Wort Oil as it so incredibly good for so many things (plus it looks amazing too).

Here’s some of those reasons why I love this oil…

  1. Healing wounds
  2. Treating burns
  3. Helping insect bites
  4. Reducing inflammation
  5. Treating psoriasis
  6. Relieving muscle pain
  7. Treating arthritis
  8. Treating depression
  9. As a mild sun cream (if used topically and not internally, as it will do the opposite then)
  10. Relieving sunburn
  11. Boosting immunity
  12. Balancing hormones
  13. Anti-Viral
  14. Anti-cancer
  15. Great for your skin
  16. Anti-wrinkle
  17. Improves you mood

It’s so easy to make the oil too.  Pick the flowers when fresh and put them into a jar, cover with a good quality olive oil and leave in the sun for a week.  The beautiful yellow flowers will turn the oil dark red (magic).  Strain off, keep in a dark place, in a glass jar and apply when needed.


And its a stunning colour, which is even more amazing as this deep red comes from a bright yellow flower.



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