One of the best combinations of food for me is tomato, garlic and basil, so making a fermented versions just had to be happen sooner or later!



Enough cherry tomato’s to fill the jar of your choosing

1 large handful of fresh basil leafs

4-6 cloves of fresh garlic, thinly sliced

1 tsp. of Himalayan or Sea Salt, ground

Fresh filtered water to fill jar &/or juice of kimchi (if you want it spicy – i like half and half) or sauerkraut (optional)



  1. Pierce the tomato’s with a knife and add the first layer of them into your jar
  2. Add some of the basil and garlic and salt
  3. Add more tomato’s and then more basil, garlic & salt
  4. Continue until all tomato’s are in the jar (making sure to wedge them in so they do not float around when you are the below)
  5. Fill with water or kimchi or sauerkraut juice until just above the level of the tomato’s
  6. Place lid on jar and leave for 5 days (making sure to burp / let gas out once or twice a day)


Note:  Any ferment you add the juice of another ferment (like kimchi or sauerkraut) to will lessen the chance of it getting contaminated and will speed up the fermenting process.


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