Having suffered most of my life from depression, stress and anxiety I really never thought I’d be happy and I certainly never realised how all this constant underlying overthinking was effecting my health either.

But, things started to change for me, when I started to heal from ME/CFS.  I started to detox my life, both mentally and physically and being inside my own head didn’t hurt quite as much anymore.  This is one of the reasons I am always saying that when we only look after the body, we only get so far.  Health, happiness and harmony is a whole life approach to detoxing.

However, the detoxing both mentally and physically only gets you so far also.  The next stage for me, was to start to love my body and life once more.  This was easier said than done and I found the key to this was the exact opposite of what I had always thought it was.

I’d searched my whole life for the magic thing to make me happy, when all along it was inside!  I found that when I stopped searching, started accepting (my body, thoughts, life), then and only then did things really change.  The fight of myself and life stopped, and I started to live in more peace, happiness and joy than I ever thought was possible.

This was the main reason I wrote my book Loving Yourself Inside & Out!  As a guide to finding happiness with all that makes us, us and this incredible journey we are on.

We can choose another way, we can and will make friends with the anxiety, the stress, the depression and the shadow parts and thoughts and we can really feel peace, ease and beauty about ourselves and out lives.

Below are some resources I have put together to assist you further…

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