Learning to love myself was one of the hardest things I have done in my whole life.  In fact, probably harder than it all put together!  I hated everything that made me, me.  I hated my body, my lack of achievements and my personality so much that a was deeply depressed, had spent a life time numbing myself with distractions like drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, men, TV and anything else I could think of.  I swung from binge eating to starving myself and hide behind a mask.

This effected my whole life and all the relationships in it.  Until one day I learnt to stopping fighting myself, to accept, respect, honour, nurture and love myself.  I learnt it’s OK to be me, to be human and to have a shadow.  I finally found my superpower!  Because it accepting and allowing myself to be me, my energy levels skyrocketed, my health, relationships and business improved and I realised how abundant in all areas of my life I now was.

Self-love is behind the health concerns, it’s behind the exhaustion, the lack of will-power, the lack of abundance and the crappy relationships.  Over and over again I am reminded of this in my own life and in that of my amazing clients also.  It really is your superpower and it really is the key to health happiness and harmony in your mind, body and life.

I have put together a few resources to assist you on your Self-Love journey below…

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