I suffered from my teens until way into my thirties with chronic IBS/food intolerances/bloating/poor absorption.  I got to the point where I had a very, very limited amount of foods and drinks I could consume without being extremely ill.   I had tried every going to ‘fix’ this issue and none of it worked.  

Then I came across fermented foods and drinks and embarked on a mission to get as many of these things into me as possible as well and doing a yeast and parasite cleanse (like that set out in my book Cleanse -The holistic Detox Program for Mind, Body & Soul).  The combination of these two things changed my digestive health forever and thus had a huge impact on the health of every other system of my body.

No one warns you however that you can become very easily obsessed with fermented foods and drinks.  Not only are they ram-packed-full of good bacteria (probiotics) but they help absorption, are nutrient dense, help bring balance to every other system of the body and are an amazing way to preserve food.  So yes I am well and truly smitten with fermented foods and drinks and have been for some 12+ years now.  

Not only that but I’m a bit obsessed with all sorts of preserving now.  There are so many healthy and easy ways to preserve our homegrown produce and reduce our need to buy things from the store.  

I notice that whenever we move more in the direction of traditional ways of doing and thinking we become happier and healthier human beings.  Life shouldn’t be as complicated as we make it, in fact it can be and should be very simple.  

If we grow our own food where possible, store it in healthier ways than we do now and swap our surplus within our communities things would work out pretty well! 


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