Hormonal health is directly linked to stress in the body, created usually by the foods and drinks we consume, the thoughts we have and more often than not a yeast and parasite party going on.  To bring the hormones back into balance we work to bring the whole body back into balance.  It’s a whole life approach to healing the endocrine system.  Just looking at diet is not normally enough to assist full hormonal health.

My second book, Cleanse – The Holistic Detox Program for Mind, Body and Soul takes you through the most nourishing and nurturing program for bringing balance back into body and mind.  It addresses yeast and parasite issues whilst supporting the body to eliminate them and other toxins in it.  It also helps you see how our thoughts cause much of our ill health and disharmony and lastly how high GI foods stress the endocrine system.

The same principles apply if you are having issues with your periods (pain, bloating, acne, emotional instability or a lack of periods), trying to get pregnant or gong through the menopause.

I have set out below, some of my resources for addressing any sort of hormonal concern you have…

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