I, like many, was super toxic.  In mind, body and environment and I also had no understanding how ill it was making me and how easy it is to change.  When I was deep into my CFS/ME years I realised I had to do something about this and set about removing toxins from my life on every level.  I swapped out toxic foods and drinks, normal toxic home cleaners, skin and hair products, candles and thoughts.  It was quite a process but actually much easier than I thought and I started to notice a difference in my health fairly quickly. 

During this time I blogged my findings/recipes/ideas and eventually this was turned into my first book Living a Life Less Toxic.

It’s actually much easier than you think and also does not have to be expensive to change a few things in your mind and life to make a huge difference in health and happiness.  I eventually wrote, Cleanse – The Holistic Detox Program for Mind, Body & Soul which is a 6 week reboot for the body and mind.      

What I will say here and now is; These ‘quick fix’ detoxes for 5 or 7 days DO NOT work!  They can actually make you worse.  Detoxing should be a slow and less painful process and become part of your life not just something we do after Christmas.  

To assist you on your own detoxing journey I have the following resources…

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