Let’s concentrate on health and not weight!  Let’s learn to love who we are, instead of fuelling the very things we currently dislike about ourselves! And, let’s stopping doing diets, counting calories and weighing ourselves!  None of this stuff works anyway!

After a life time of hating my body with a passion and I done, I am no longer playing that game and I have learnt to not only love my body but worship it.

If we concentrate on health and not weight loss, then, that’s when things start to really work, both mentally and physically.  98% of dieters put the weight back on, when you count calories and stress about meals and the way you look your body creates chemical reactions reinforcing the exact things you do not like or want.  You cannot stress will-power or lie your way into loving your body.  But, there is another way.

Most people have a yeast and parasite overgrowth, which among many, many other symptoms, causes weight gain especially around the middle.  Most people are also highly toxic, carrying the extra toxins in fat cells.  And, most people are constantly reinforcing what they don’t want in their bodies and lives with crappy thoughts about themselves.

If you focus on health and not weight and then love and acceptance, not blaming, shaming or disrespecting, then what will happen will be amazing.  You’ll get your health, energy, vitality, focus, mental health and body love back!  It’ll be permeant also not a quick fix for the holidays or the wedding.

And, it’ll be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!

Below have listed some of my resources to weight love.  My book Cleanse will take you through the most nourishing and nurturing holistic detox for mind, body and soul, bringing back into balance your digestive and hormonal systems, whilst supporting your lymphatics and mental health.  And my book Loving Yourself Inside & Out, will assist you to do that also including making conscious food and life style choices and how to let go of fighting yourself in any which way.

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