From my own experience and that of working with all the clients I have I see skin concerns are usually a combination of a few things.  The first being that our digestive system is usually out of balance, there is more often that not a yeast and parasite issues and perhaps also a build up of other toxins within the body.  Secondly, our hormones are out of sync and effecting our skin.  And lastly, our subconscious mind is trying to protect us from either something on the outside (like old or current trauma) or even trying to protect ourselves from our own thoughts about ourselves.  In many people it’s a combination of all these and others just two of them.  So, just like everything else I talk about, even when helping our skin, it’s a combination of body and mind that we nurturer and nourish.

This would ideally be done by following a yeast and parasite cleanse, like the one laid out in my second book, Cleanse and also consuming fermented foods and drinks and working on making friends with our thoughts and Self-Love, like laid out in my book Loving Yourself Inside & Out.

Below are a few resources I have put together to assist you on your journey to healthy and happy skin…

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