It seems that unless you are going to go and live in a cave half way up a mountain and meditate 10 hours a day then it’s likely you have a lot of mental and physical toxins you could be carrying.  Standard and especially quick fix detoxes don’t work!  They don’t detox you properly and often just make you feel all detoxy, only to reabsorb everything again.

If you really want to eliminate toxins from your body, then it has to be more than just changing what you eat for a while.  It’s about our thoughts (as these are far more toxic than anything we put into or on to our bodies).  It also must be about our environments, as we absorb just as many nasties through our skin and in our lungs as we eat.  And it must be about supporting the body to eliminate the toxins in a safe, natural and effective way.

This is why I wrote my first two books, Living A Life Less Toxic & also Cleanse, to assist you with finding natural, safe and healthy ways to maximise mental, physical and spiritual health and not just for you, but for your families, fur-babies and the planet too.

Did you know we absorb around 60% of what we put on our skin?  And, that no matter what we do for ourselves physically will have such a small impact if we do not put our mental health above all else?

If you really want long term, health, body love, energy and mental clarity then the way towards this is through taking a whole life approach to detoxing.  It doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, in fact it can be a whole heap of fun.  I love making my own products, finding cheap and easy alternatives to toxic products and feeling how much stronger and healthier my body is.

I have set out some of my resources to give you some more information about this below…

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