Since recovering from ME/CFS, IBS, severe Depression and a few other health ailments I have created the life of my dreams!

I have travelled all over the World (including more recently hanging out in the Amazon with Shamans and Yoga training in Bali).  I work remotely for myself when I want to.  I have written and published 3 books and about to publish another 2.  I have bagged (walked up) tons of Munros/Mountains (something a visualized doing every day whilst ill).  I walked the 500-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage from France and across Spain (which was one of the best life experiences ever).  I am currently in the process of buying a retreat centre in Portugal (where I have been living for 6mths).  I have trained in many weird and wonderful things that inspire me.  I live an abundant, loving, healthy and amazing life doing what I love to do!  But, most of all, I am happy, happy inside out! I love my body and this life!

What are your dreams/goals/desires?

Do you want to become a coach / write a book / live abroad / travel / have more energy / be happy / live with passion / find your purpose / grow your business / fall back in love with what you do / feel alive / find your purpose / go on more adventures / take the plunge!?

If you have no idea what your dreams are / you have a million of them / you don’t know where to begin / you feel stuck / you don’t think you can achieve them / you have a lot of self-limiting beliefs / everything feels overwhelming / you don’t belief you can  – then maybe you are in the right place!

Scratch that, you are always in the right place!  That’s part of what I teach!

Click on any of the link’s below for my resources about these topics and start creating the Life Of Your Dreams right now!

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