Working with the heart has been one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life!

Having suffered from a lifetime of disliking everything that made me, me, I was losing hope that is was actually possible to be happy within my body and within this life.  But, when I realised this was because I had been programed by society to live within my head rather than my heart, I knew I could re-educate myself to live in the way nature had intended we do.

You see, we do not come into this life living within our heads, the heads that cause conflict, judgement, disappear, dis-sease and dis-honesty.  When we are small children we are so very heart-centred.  We do not care what we look it, sound like, dress like or dance like, we love life and life loves us back.  What happens though is society wants us to be quiet, behave, dress a certain way, behave a certain way and fit in!  This leads us to move from our hearts and into our heads.  Always second guessing everything, comparing everything and thinking we need to dress a certain way and own certain things to be happy.  When in fact, happiness was and always will be, within us.

If you see adults with severe learning disabilities, they are still very much in their hearts.  They don’t care what they dress and look like, they dance, they laugh, they have fun and most importantly they love life!

It is possible to re-educate yourself in moving from head to heart, on making heart-centred choices and in loving the perfect being that you already are.  What I teach is just this!

When you move from head to heart you start to love your body, your relationships, career, money, and life so much more.  And with this, abundance then follows suit… life is pretty awesome like this.

Moving from head to heart literally impacts every single area of your life!  It is the place of true happiness, peace, joy, passion and love – it is the best thing we as induvials, and as a planet can do for ourselves and our own evolution!

To talk to me about how moving from head to heart can impact your life, apply for a free chat on my coaching page.

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