Why I feel I can help…

I’ve spent most of my life fighting my mind, my body and my World.  I hated all that made me, me!  I thought everyone else was a better version of a human being than me.  Eventually this underlying overthinking lead to a whole host of health ailments, both mental and physical.  But, this is what saved my life.  I had no choice as I hit rock bottom but to eventually make my way back up.

I now teach the things that assisted me in regaining my health and happiness.  This is using a whole life approach to health and wellness.  I don’t just work with the body (detoxing, bringing back into balance and listening), although this is super important, I also work with the mind and soul.  I teach how to become friends with the thoughts, let go over the overthinking, love and embrace the parts of us we have tried to shut away or distract ourselves from, for so long and how to live from our hearts rather than our heads.

Simply doing the body stuff alone is not enough, it will get you a long way, but not to where you really want to be.  To really live a life of health, harmony and happiness we need to look at what’s going on underneath too.  Many of our thoughts reinforce the very things we do not want in our lives.  But, simply thinking positively or saying affirmations alone isn’t enough either, because it isn’t honoring humanness, what makes us, us.  None of us are the same and what works for one often does not work for another, we are all beautifully individual and as such we need to learn to listen to ourselves. When we do this, along side some dietary and life-style changes, then big shifts happen and then we no longer search for happiness, as we really do find it within.  We have to be willing to feel the perceived bad stuff (mentally and physically) to feel the happy stuff too, then we can pass through it all the easier and live the lives we really came here to live.

I offer three types of coaching packages…

One off session – £110.00 

4 session coaching package – £375.00 (works out £93.75 each) 

6 session coaching package – £495.00  (works out £82.50 each)

All the above can be pad in monthly installments!

Together we will find the way that works best for you, so you can live in the most healthy and happy way possible!

It’s OK to be you, it’s OK be human and it’s OK to be sad, angry, jealous, emotional, confused or scared, we need to feel these to feel the happy thoughts too (just so you know ha).

1 Session – £110

4 Sessions – £375

6 Sessions – £495

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